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Riley MacPherson (Lingan, CA)
Car stuff

Great product, very happy with the quality so far, easy to adjust and use and makes the quality of the ride much better as well

Jared Geraci (Gretna, US)

CEIKA Type 1M Coilovers for Nissan 300ZX Z31 (83~89)

Shaun Atkinson (Galston, AU)
Ceika ST165 GT4

My order was for a 2-3 inch lift with adjustable camber. The rear coil overs were 2" lift at there lowest setting, which was good except no camber adjustment so the camber is positive instead of negative. The front coilovers were lowered by more than 1" at there lowest setting, Which meant that to gain a 2" lift the shock body had to be raised to its limit. I now have fronts raised to their limit and the rears lowered to their limit. This also means that the shock travel is far greater on the rear as the shock on the front is not a longer travel unit as requested.
The quality appears good, but the execution of my order is terrible.

Bob Farrell (Victoria, CA)
What Suspension doctor ordered

The Outlander gets a bad rap for handling. I tried just springs on my 07. Better but.. front porpoising was annoying.
This 2018 suspension is factory coilovers. An improvement but spring rates and dampers not so well selected and pointed out by several testers. The balance of mechanical are excellent for the money.
So here I am with CEIKA coilovers.
Excellent. Leveled out the corners like the sway bars and springs are perfect match .. rebound settings almost there. Will continue to play with that setting. Now 15 fr 10 rear.
Lowered about 1.75 rear to 2.25 inches front. Ideal imo.
Not a lot of miles yet but while it hasn't turned into a Q7 it is huge well worth the money improvement.
Recommend without reservation. Tech support is first rate too.

Liviu (Bucharest, RO)
ML w164 coilovers

I changed from Airmatic to this kit of coilovers and i m very pleased. I drove for over 1 month now and i am more than happy with this setup. I selected Sport with Sport low and dual springs on front.I recommend to anyone who has problems with Airmatic and wants to get rid of it.
Cutomer service was great also, thanks, Jean-loup Leufrancois!