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Big Brake kit 1988 to 1992 Mazda RX7 FC

Very nice package
Boxed great no damage to USA. Arrived very timely. Bolt on kit all went together perfectly. Very nice product. Looking forward to feel the performance of these brakes. Very pleasant and knowledgeable to work with. Will definitely do business with them again.

Great BBK for my GR86

Everything was packed completely and perfectly. The setup and instructions were easy. The look and feel of the BBK is perfect.

CEIKA Type 1M Coilovers for BMW 5-series GT F07 (09~17)
Euvigene Zaragoza (Imperial Beach, US)
2012 550i gt - - I would buy again if needed.

Finally got around to installing this setup. My main issue with my car was that it felt like a boat driving her around. Installed these from the box with no adjustments. Night and day difference. I have not gotten her aligned yet but it's a good feel so far. I'm going to give the suspension time to properly seat, but from first experience it feels solid. The boat feel is 90% gone. Very happy with this product!

1991 BMW 850i

Installed upgrade on front brakes work and look great

CEIKA Type 1M Coilovers for Volvo XC90 mk2 (14~up)

Great on 1979 Celica

Have had them on my 79 Celica Gt for about a year now. They were easy to install and fitment was perfect. I find "sport low" is the perfect Hight in the front but a bit tall in the back. All up to what your prefer though. Been on the track 4 times now and they perform wonderful.

1993 subaru legacy

Haven't been able to drive on them cause my engine blew up lol but they make the car look sick 👍

Thank you very much, it is excellent, I highly recommend it, an excellent seller, only if you can...

Thank you very much, it is excellent, I highly recommend it, an excellent seller, only if you can get more zebras, how do you fit them, thank you very much

Great customer service

Due external shipping problems I have not been able to review the products themselve (will update review when my coilovers arrive). So all I can write about at this time is the customer service, which is great. Emails get answered quickly and with clear information. The reason for 4 stars instead of 5 is the surprise I got from inport fees, these could and should be displayed more clearly when ordering the products on the website.

280zx coilovers

Coilovers were good quality fitment was great. Took longer than expected to receive them about 5 weeks

CEIKA Custom Big Brake Kit for Nissan Patrol Y61 (98~10)

Lack of Communication and Rough Ride

There was no communication/verification prior to shipment of the struts as noted on the ordering website. Dampening adjustments tool severely inadequate for the job. The dampening rate too rigid for everyday street use. -89 Celica GT-S 3S-GE.

CEIKA Type 1M Coilovers for Volvo S40 4wd (04~12)
Michael Wilkinson (Kingston, CA)

Coming from KW's the Ceika kit is more adjustable and variable than what I was used too. The KW V2's had a set pre-load that didn't allow for any manipulation where the M1's offers many more options. The M1's also have better pillow mounts/bearings and all sorts of spare parts available. KW has a lifetime warranty, but good luck trying to get them to honor it.

Great service and product!!!

Worth every penny! The customer service was great from the start and helped guide our selection with their extensive knowledge of the platform. They helped us pick the correct parts for the setup and refunded the difference the same morning. Delivery came in the specified time frame and was no hassle. Overall quality is phenomenal and they function above what I expected. I will be putting a set of these on my other cars as well! Definitely recommend them.

Great service

Very helpful and very efficient

Well manufactured and packaged but….

Front calipers did not come with enough shims to align off of the bracket so that the outer circumference of the rotor didn't rub the caliper, used the rear shims as well and still not enough. Had to source different shims for this issue. Bigger issue is the rotor hats were tapped for M12x1.5 bolts while Toyota bolts are 1.25 pitch. This made it very difficult to source and find 1.5 pitch bolts with no hardware provided. If the hat's were tapped for 1.25 I could have used the factory bolts. Also, the color I picked did not match what I was sent. You can see the difference on the sample color shown on the box next to the caliper in the picture. Customer service has been quick to respond and discuss. I believe they understand where they fell short and offered some compensation. I will update when I've seen that go through. While functionally this product works as intended I did have a few minor issues getting it fully installed. I can also say, working with Ceika before ordering was great. They sent me a template cross-section to verify if the kit would fit in my wheels. They spec'd 18" min wheels and I have 17's . After using their template and verifying with them through pictures and email I can say they were 100% spot on with what they sent. I've got as much room as anticipated after install.

Thank you very much for the pictures and for your honest feedback about your experience with us.

I will inform our R&D about this issue you met and we will make sure to avoid that kind of inconvenience for future customers for your application.

Note that if the parts were still needed, we would have done the necessary to solve it ASAP as you can imagine but for sure we could not get it solved as fast as you did by sourcing it locally. We will give you a discount for spare parts as compensation for the inconvenience caused.

Thank you for your support & we hope to hear back from you soon with an update.

CEIKA Custom Big Brake Kit for Nissan Navara D23 (15~up)
Jimmy Sinclair (EZ3572) (Portmore, JM)

CEIKA Custom Big Brake Kit for Nissan Navara D23 (15~up)

I LOVE my coilovers!!! 😍

I, love these coilovers! Bought a set for my 1985 Honda Prelude. Install was easy, and they feel great! Exactly what I was looking for in a coilover setup! Customer service is great, thank you guys!!!

Love my coilovers!!! 😍

I, love these coilovers! Bought a set for my 1985 Honda Prelude. Install was easy, and they feel great! Exactly what I was looking for in a coilover setup! Customer service is great, thank you guys!!!

Great product. Great customer support

From the time I ordered my BBK, the service and product knowledge were exceptional. I have a flexible setup that is awesome in the summer but still fits behind winter wheels. I recommend Ceika to everyone.

Z31 2M coilovers are very good

I really enjoyed the coilovers. Really felt as stiff as i wanted, and i was able to maintain full grip at all times along with some Toyo RR's and turbo sway bars. I do wish the top hats had measurements but it's not necessary so not really a complaint. Also lack of instructions and information, but that's to be expected with most car parts, i just would've hoped something of this quality was backed up by a sheet of information and instructions

great qualite brake

This order was for a costumer and it was amazing how it came, Very complete brake kit and awesome color! Cosyumer happy and we are definitly using this brand again.


Damn good coilovers and adjustment on it. Tucked in nice and nice stiff ride ..... Well prefer it to ride stronger than soft and bouncy.

excelente servicio

son puntuales en tiempo de espera,y los productos son de buena calidad,gracias

Coilover kit is great easy to adjust overall great product