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Exactly what I wanted

The coilovers fitted perfectly (although they need some welding because the OEMs are welded to the wheel hub carrier). Came with some instructions to cut the OEMs and weld the Ceika ones, and they also fit with the Stanceparts Air Cups, in the front and rear. The Sport configuration I got permitted slamming the car far more than what I wanted. Recommended!

996 Turbo 1 Way coilovers

I got these for my 996 Turbo that I use as a daily/fun driver (no track days) and went with the comfort setup. The car handle alot better than stock and also handles bumps/potholes better with no clunks. I decided on 20 clicks from soft to hard and am happy with the ride quality. The only thing I would change is that it needs to include a longer set of adjusters for the rears as it is covered by the stereo in the 996TT.


I like them enough that I have bought 3 sets. Only thing I would like changed is to make the rear an insert so the ride height could be adjusted without the need to remove the bottom mounting bolt in order to adjust the ride height.

They ride nice

It will take longer than what the website says but it’s worth the wait if you are getting coilovers for a older z31 you still need to cut the spindles and weld them to the coilovers but other than that it’s really worth it


The calipers are well made. Good material. Braking force its acceptable, a little disappointed with the size of the Pistones. 6 pistons but not large diameter.

Great brakes!

I have been very happy with all aspects of my experience with CEIKA and the brakes are fantastic! The first impression when they arrived was how good the quality of the parts were. I installed them and took a trip to Boston, about 3500 miles round trip, and had plenty of opportunities to test them out. They worked excellently in rain and make emergency stops much faster no matter the weather. I would recommend them for anyone that wants to improve the braking performance of their vehicle.

I love the breaks

JZS 147

Upon ordering I was a bit unsure of my order, however the staff was very communicative and fixed my order. They were honest enough to refund me on things I did not need. Lastly, package arrive a couple weeks in advance. Thanks guys

2013 Lexus RX450h

Installation was super easy. Rides amazing.

Not much change

I’ve driven around on my new shocks for a few weeks now and I haven’t noticed any difference from these vs my old ones. They are good, but aren’t really as comfortable as I thought they would be.

Fit Great on my 1984 300zx

Fit was exact and they were able to accommodate the modifications on my car. Very happy with the new Coilovers.

Lexus LS460 Marshmallow ride correction.

The LS460 is a powerful sedan with sophisticated suspension that has the potential for great handling. However, stock spring rates are very soft, and there is lots of body movement during dynamic driving. Just got these installed. I wanted somewhat stiffer springs rates to get rid of the Lexus marshmallow wallow. However, these are a bit stiffer than I would have preferred. Very firm by comparison. Seem like high quality and well engineered assemblies. Be aware these do not come ready to bolt on and go. The overall length is not set. They are shipped at minimum length with lock ring loose. I wanted stock ride height to less than 1" lower. I started with overall length at 1/2" less than stock. It took some fussing to get the rears set due to the stiffer springs and preload, there was not nearly as much sag as stock. Back of the car wound up ~ 1" higher than stock even though I set the overall length to 1/2" less than the stock units. Took some fussing with the preload and length to get it right. Having said that, handling is great, and ride OK on relatively smooth surfaces. I am interested to see how it does on freeway expansion joints. There are not any options for more sporty conventional shocks for the LS460, or "heavy duty" stock replacement springs which led me to the Ceika option. Not knowing the stock spring rates I could not be more specific on the rates I wanted other than I wanted more of a Mercedes / BMW ride as opposed to Lexus Marshmallow. What I got certainly eliminated the wallow but is somewhat stiffer than I would like.

CEIKA Custom Big Brake Kit for Scion Tc (11~up)
Jose Gallardo (San Bernardino, US)
Awesome performance

Great performance, amazing quality , great customer service. Only issue I really had was that I should’ve downloaded the fitment guide before I ordered the brakes due to them being a tad smaller than I wanted, but still performed to my expectations and will definitely be ordering the rear set in the near future


Honestly not blown away. I wish the comfort option felt more like stock. Also the bracket for the brake line isn’t close at all. Needs to be 3 inches higher on the assembly.

Fits on my 86 celica, I like it


Comfort at its best

CEIKA Custom Coilovers for Mercedes W126 (76~94) STILL MISSING

I odered and paid the coilovers on February 28th 2024. about 30 days after Ceika shipped the item with Fedex, delivery address the Fedex store in town. Tracking says delivered on march 28th 2024. At the Fedex store they say they never received the item. I had to make lots of phone calls, then Fedex watched the store video cameras and in fact the Fedex driver never entered the store with the item.
As of today, May 13th 2024, Ceika is still deciding wether to refund me or build again the coilovers and send them to me, the customer. This is the last information I got from Ceika, on April 18th 2024, from Jean-loup Leufrançois – CEIKA Team.

so, since I ordered and promptly paid Ceika on late February, I still am without either the coilovers or a refund, and my car project is considerably delayed.

2006 Mercedes S55 AMG

Very happy with ceika, brought my car back to life
Purchased coil over

CEIKA Custom Coilovers for Volvo C30 (06~up)
Gary Phillips (High Point, US)
Coilovers for Volvo C30

Great Coilovers, Going to VIR next month for a day of racing.


Thank you for your query.
Our rating for the product is very good. The production quality and workmanship is perfect. The settings are very easy to make and the driving dynamics, combined with the conversion to the 18" wheels, are really remarkably good.

Excellent product and company

This company was a shot in the dark when I needed brakes after my lines blew. They had excellent communication and were always available to answer any questions and clear up any confusion regarding fitment too. I fully recommend this company to anyone who wants quality parts and products. 10/10 thank you ceika

Doubled my braking power

Bought this for my turbo suzuki sx4. It bolted on very easily & everything fits. The calipers, rotors & hardware are of good quality. The braking power is outstanding. Full floating top hats do not vibrate or create noise. I recommend this kit.

The best BBK Upgrade!

Just impressive, this BBK feels amazing when you need to stop the car, nice combination, nice color, great braking power. You guys are the best, I love my BBK, thanks a lot for your support, took more time than I expected but It's worth the waiting time. Highly recommend.

CEIKA Custom Big Brake Kit for Mercedes-Benz W463 G-Class (90~08)

"Do your research before you buy" Buy at your own risk. :)

Suspension is really soft even at its hardest setting and also shipping took really long plus packaging was really bad I wanted to return them, but I was only given 10 days of warranty when other brands offer at least 1year for what you're paying for the suspension I paid1440 USD and these were not satisfying at all I recommend doing more research before having Ceika be your last option there is better customer service with other brands. I would like Ceika to take care of their customers for the amount of money we pay I honestly regret the purchase I wouldn't recommend at all. I would like Ceika to replace my kit or a refund because the communication wasn't there and honestly "the suspension" is really badly tuned I would like a new EXTRA LOW. Ceika get back to me.