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Need lift for unmaintained Momgolian roads

Need lift on my 2018 Aqua/Prius C. The kit fit perfectly, absolutely no problems. The ride and handling improved tremendously over OEM with spacers. I am really happy with the results. This was money well spent.

Love them

Love them, feels great, goes low enough on 16inch wheel
Only complaint I’d have is for the front coilover, it doesn’t come with the brake line bracket

Other than that, it feels great !

Great quality coilovers.

Amazing ride quality and performance. Rides as close to stock while lowered as possible. Tremendous improvement through corners.

Amazingly handling coilovers

The coilovers are excellent in their dampening and performance, I opted for the 7KG front and rear springs but I'd recommend maybe a softer rear for daily driving on poor quality roads as the bumps can get to you sometimes, otherwise the flatness of the handling is excellent.

CEIKA Custom Coilovers for Nissan 300ZX Z31 (83~89)
Zavier Vaillancourt (Sainte-Therese, CA)
Supper happy

Thank you guys for the coilovers, the ride is perfect! not to stiff and perfectly low, like I asked. I didn't have to adjust the coilover ounce. couldn't ask for more. Plus the sipping was free and I pay like only 70$ cad of customs fee to canada.

Very happy

Great communication after purchase and the coilovers arrived earlier than expected. High quality parts that look great and bolted straight up without any problems, easy adjustment for both height and damping.

Complete Satisfaction

This modification to my Rogue Sport has been long overdue not only from the overall look of the car though the performance as well. Took me a while to get the suspension dialled was a little bouncy at first though I did have it turned all the way down not the setting for Arizona roads for sure, not I’m at 15 all the way around and I could be happier with the ride at that setting.The balance between comfort and performance coupled with my wheel and tire set up I’m able to have all of the fun I wanted from the car. I enjoy tight curves either in mountains and flats the car is well planted and the feedback you get from the suspension certain increase my awareness of what my car is doing. Not to mention even though the car has no horsepower or braking upgrades the lessened body roll has increased my acceleration and braking. Being a father means having to find a balance between budgets and fun, paying bills and taking vacations. My wife and I love a good drive with the family and taking a road trips this set up took our parenting life to the next level certain thinking about introducing this set up my project car. If your like me and have a vehicle that not a lot of companies make aftermarket parts for and have a budget though look to have a little fun with your daily give Ceika a try. If you want to see what my set up looks like follow me @goroguepandago on Instagram.

CEIKA Custom Coilovers for Porsche 911 996 Carrera 2 C2 (97~05)
Marc-Antoine marchand (Victoriaville, CA)

Rear ones make a knocking sound even if they are new

Ordered but not installed.

Parts looks nice, but at the moment can't say so much more, because my project is not ready for installation.

High quality, perfect fitment!

The kit came very well packaged, Installation and fitment were perfect. Ceika recommends 6kg Front, 7kg Rear for the 03-09 Toyota Sienna.
Stock rates are roughly 3.25kg front, 6.25kg rear. The front is perfect! Sharpened it up without being harsh. The rear is only slightly improved over the well known mushy stock rate. I'd recommend stepping the rear up, and will try to get a stiffer set of coils for the rear. Communication with the staff has been great, and very quick. Will absolutely use Ceika again!

FC RX7 rear brake kit

Gauthier helped me with a kit for our 87 TII utilizing 16" wheels with a 1" spacer. The 304 x 22 kit fits perfectly. No more concerns for the rear brakes on these cars now, since Mazda retired the rear brake calipers. Glad I chose to go with Ceika. Great communication and service followed up with great quality products.

Great product, easy install!

Our shop installed the Big Brake Kit for a customers Defender and the install went great! Lots of custom options, high quality product. Definitely recommend!

986s Coilovers

Excellent coilovers, actually better than the originals. Ride is not harsh, easy height adjustment.

Bmw z3 rear BBK

At first the braket didnt fit. Talk to them about that. Took measurements and they sent the correct parts. Cant stop staring at them

they are awesome 👌

Honest thoughts?

I was a little skeptical at first since my model doesn’t exactly have a ton of aftermarket parts available for some reason, so when I stumbled upon this website, I was eager to see if they were going to work. After i spoke with a rep who directed me on what configuration to have the spring rates and which coils to get for the type of driving i wanted todo, i got the reassurance that i needed to ensure i chose the right company. The coils themselves are super study and gives you the ability to change your ride quality and height pretty easy. For someone who enjoys feeling “planted” when going around corners or driving fast, these definitely have that capability. When I’m doing I always emailed their customer service team and was met with kind, knowledgeable advice, and they helped answer all my questions. I would definitely recommend Ceika to any other German car owner looking to get that fitment and ride type they desire at a reasonable price.

I love it

I can just it’s perfect for my car . An am enjoying the car a lot more than I did before the Ceika suspension.

CEIKA Custom Coilovers for Chevrolet Spark (16~up)
Mathieu Cossette (Trois-Rivières, CA)
My dream come true, with this high value suspension system !

I am so pleased and thrilled with my custom coilover set! With it, I get so much value, durability and most importantly QUALITY! Thanks to CEIKA for offering this set for my Chevrolet Spark platform ! Also, I like that you offered custom options for it,.which is awesome !!

They look great but work even better !!

Possibly the only reliable option for R60 Mini

More reliable and better construction than the Flatout Suspension GR-Lites. There is some squeaking noises introduced with installation, but I don't yet know if it's from these coil overs or other suspension parts. Adjustment is simple. Ceika support is phenomenal.

W140 coilovers for C140

Installation straight forward and quality seems good.
Coupe being heavier than sedan, the suspension is too soft even at hardest setting.
Spring rates and shock valving should've been set up for the heavier chassis.
Both front and rear maxed out, springs should be 1 coil shorter.

External Reservoir 2M Coilovers 04 VW R32

These have been fantastic, very nicely made. Stuff in the street but very smooth, on the track these have been exceptional. Limited body roll, very predictable and confidence inspiring. I would purchase again, and I have used a lot of different coil overs and I am an aggressive track driver.

CEIKA Custom Coilovers for Jaguar XE (15~up)
Howard Whitted (Brooklyn, US)
Ceika coilovers on jaguar xe 35t

Car droves better than before
More firm ,sporty handle good
Need to play with the damper to see how different settings Compare

CEIKA Custom Coilovers for Nissan 300ZX Z31 (83~89)

CRZ ZF1 4 pot bbk front and rear

Recommend to not get the 4 pot calipers if you are getting the rears with parking brake cable

Parking brake cable will slowly release, reached out to ceika and was told that they are making an updated mechanical version that will be 6 pot only that would remedy this issue.

The entire brake kit is high quality. The finish on the paint looks amazing. Overall they look really good on the car. Even with the parking brake cable issue, I don’t think I’ll be taking these off.
It would be nice though if there was a remedy for the 4pot brakes. I’d easily give it 5 stars.

Customer service is very good as well, I wasn’t waiting several days or weeks for a reply. They were quick with their responses YouTube video placeholder