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CEIKA Custom Big Brake Kit for Volvo C30 (06~up)
Christopher McCune (Los Angeles, US)
Almost Perfect

I’ve been really happy with these. The build quality is fantastic. They've performed great on winding canyon roads. Looks amazing on my 2011 Volvo C30. Two negatives: 1) The paper fitment templates are really difficult to get right. I had to add wheel spacers to get enough clearance. (Midir 5 spoke: 52.5mm offset + 15mm spacer) 2) The marked rotation direction was wrong on the calipers. It put the bleeder valves on the bottom... Both quick fixes and I love the end result!

84 Celica GT

Can't complain, really good quality, rides great, feels good, looks good 10/10

Bought coilovers for my 01 cl600

After purchase I sent a email in regards to an estimate on delivery as I was leaving town and did not want them to be left out after delivered. No response. Emailed a second time and received a return reply a couple days later just telling me what I already know about them taking several weeks to fill orders which I did not have a problem with but still needed to know if they had been shipped or not. No response. The order arrived and I barely made it to pick up before I left town. When I returned and went to install there were no instructions or any literature at all. I installed them and unfortunately my car blew a rod on its startup and I never got to see how they performed. None of which I blame cieka for and overall they looked and felt like a great set of coilovers, I'm sure they performed the same. Theresa

CEIKA Custom Big Brake Kit for Volvo C30 (06~up)
Christopher McCune (Los Angeles, US)
Almost perfect

I’ve been really happy with these. They've performed great on winding canyon roads. Two negatives: 1) The paper fitment templates are really difficult to get right. I had to add wheel spacers to get enough clearance. (Midir 5 spoke: 52.5mm offset) 2) The marked rotation direction was wrong on the calipers. It put the bleeder valves on the bottom.


Mkiv supra big brake kit.

I got a set of brakes for my mkiv supra. At first I was skeptical as I had never heard of Ceika before but I figured I'd take the risk and buy a set for my supra build. A couple of weeks later I received my brakes just as I ordered and I must say they are built extremely well, I'm an ex machinist and am extremely picky about fit and finish, ceika exceeded my expectations 1000%. I've been using them for about a month now with some hard street driving and some stop and go traffic, they work extremely well as brakes should. They are also a nice upgrade over my stock tt brakes.

Perfect match.Working great.I highly recommend .

great coilovers and easy install!

Im impressed at the ride quality, and the installation was super straight forward and easy. customer service was great and helpful with any questions I had. would definitely recommend to anyone looking in the future to check out ceika. At the time these were the best priced full coilovers for mk2 supras(not seperate rear spring/shock), and im so glad i gave them a shot, the quality is great and they bolted right in and just ride exactly how i was hoping they would when working with customer service to find the right setup for me(spring rate etc).

CEIKA Custom Coilovers for Datsun Nissan 260Z (74~78)
Clint Romero (Colorado Springs, US)
Rally shocks 260z

They were super helpful. Reached out to understand what we were trying to accomplish and got them knocked out and shipped really quickly. I was a little worried at first but it was really good.

Great purchase

I am now running Ceika coilovers on my CL500 and they are great!
I asked for a firm ride, but not a bone shaker and the ride is perfect.
Once ordered they keep you informed all the way to their arrival.
Highly recommended.

96 BMW 318ti coilovers

Ride pretty good, can definitely daily on it and definitely have some fun.

CEIKA Custom Coilovers for Porsche 944 NA (86~91)

Great coilovers with issues..

I’ve have CEIKA coilovers on my car for about 2 weeks and finally got the height adjusted for winter, well… I’m pretty certain the rear shocks started leaking fluid. I’m not sure why, possibly the cold weather of Alaska. Other than that they’re great and hopeful there’s a warranty.

280zx coil overs

Great product easy installation after the welding was done would recommend for any 280zx owners

CEIKA Custom Coilovers for Honda Prelude BA3 4 5 7 (86~92)

As Expected !!

Very well put together kit, attention to detail is top notch. Very impressed with the finishing in all the parts. Performance is as expected .

Ceika exceeded my expectations. '16 Lexus LS460

Initially, I was a bit apprehensive because there were not a lot of reviews online. I’ve understood the difference between a bespoke set of coilovers and a generic “one size fits all,” set of coilovers. The ability to order a setup, custom to your specifications, and interact with a knowledgeable consultant interested in getting you what you want, as opposed to just trying to sell you a product, is not to be taken for granted. Shipping was prompt and updated throughout to process of ordering to delivery. Professional, well-informed, and setting a realistic expectation for shipment, made this a great transaction.
I am looking forward to ordering my next set of coilovers.

2014 Hyundai Santa Fe

All i can say is Ceika Coilovers are quality. The way they set the dampers & springs combination for a big car to feel like luxury, clearly shows that they know what they are doing. My previous coilovers compared to Ceika was night and day. Now i can say that you can have Lowered Stance & Comfort at the same time. Thanks Ceika!

06 Mercedes S500 4matic Airmatic Coil over conversion

Good afternoon. Sorry it took so long to reply, but I was waiting on other parts before I installed the coilovers. I did the install myself over two days. When I did the fronts it took me 9hrs, due to rebuilding the whole front end of the car. The second day only took me about three hours to install the rears, need help with the rear just to start the top mount bolts. Aside from that it was fairly easy and straight forward.
Now as for your product, they are AMAZING!! I had some emails back and forth with the Tech side before I placed my order, because I wanted the ride to be as close to the old Airmatic system as possible.
I have the Sport tube style, Medium spring W/helper springs and they are set on 15 out of 30. For a 4500 pound sedan in -20 to -30 degrees C, to still handle as if it is still on air ride is ABSOLUTLY AMAZING!!
I have the car set up with 1" tire to wheel well gap in front & 1.5" tire to wheel well gap in the rear for when I take my whole family in the car. And there have been no issue's, I LOVE THEM thanks so much for the superior product. Now I have no worries about my suspension anymore at all! Keep up the awesome work, I will absolutely order CIEKA again for my next project.
Cameron Nordstrom
Alberta, Canada

Not a perfect fit...

Be sure you know what you are ordering cause they won't take account for certain things and they won't refund or exchange. I let them know my wheel size and I still got a caliber that won't fit with my rims. Yes I did research and got a wheel spacer to make it fit (luckily the auto store had one left). Just be careful ordering here. The equipment looks good and solid so I am hoping it will work just as well. Good luck!

Thank you for your feedback. About your issue, it is specified on our website several times that it is a customer's responsibility to check the wheel fitment before ordering.

We provide brake templates to check wheel fitment but our warranty is for perfect fitment to the car (steering knuckle, rotors hats, caliper brackets etc) and it does not include wheel fitment. Same as any brand on the market.

The best we can do is to advise our customers to check with templates. Thank you for your understanding.

Smart Fortwo front brakes

Amazing product

CEIKA Custom Coilovers for Audi A8 D3 (02~09)
David Judys (Barrington, US)
2005 Audi a8l coil conversion kit.

The suspension is amazing love how it feels and in my opinion way better that airbags. Mechanic shop installing them I’m not too happy with. Thank you!

Awesome experience

Really stiff and customizable. Perfect fit for my ae92. Changed my cars feel tremendously in a good way. Money well spent, will continue with CEIKA for future project cars.

CEIKA Custom Big Brake Kit for BMW X1 F48 (15~up)
Errol Gordon (Saint Augustine, US)

CEIKA Custom Big Brake Kit for BMW X1 F48 (15~up)


These are very comfortable for how low I’ve lowered my vert and you can really feel the quality you paid for when driving.