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Another perfect set

Yet again Ceika provided an excellent coiler setup with required specifications not just a single choice. Jean-Loup again gave good support and verified all correct before order finalised.

Great product

Great product


The rear is not stable when it hits potholes it wobbles.

Great choice for a Porsche 996 C2

I had been looking for coilovers for my Porsche 911 996 C2 and the market is limited to about 4 choices in total. There are a lot more options for C4s and Turbos so I had to pick in these limited options. Fortunately I read a review on the Ceika coilovers from another 996 C2 owner who lived near me and he loved them. So I figured I would give them a try. Originally my car had the 030 suspension which means it was already pretty low and road very stiff. I was actually hoping to soften the ride up a bit. The team at Ceika put together a kit to my specs for me and I got the car to sit at GT3 height with no problem. The ride is better than the factory struts and it handles similar to other GT3s I have driven. If you are looking for an option on your Porsche to the other 2 big names don’t hesitate to give these a try, you won’t be disappointed.

2020 KIA Soul LX (GEN3) Type 1M Coilovers Kit developed for me by CEIKA

I contacted CEIKA in January of 2021, they did not have a kit available for a GEN3 KIA Soul at that time, but were willing to work with me to develop a kit for my car, a 2020 KIA Soul LX. I provided pictures and measurements of the existing suspension components and they built a kit "that fit perfectly". I was very impressed by the "quality" of their products, and everything "installed with no issues". My car is "in the weeds" now, there are no gaps above the front and rear tires so the change in stance is "amazing"!! You can adjust the kit to whatever height you desire, I prefer everything as low as possible. My car is a street car, so I adjusted the shocks for a comfortable but slightly stiffer ride. I am completely satisfied with the kit. I ordered the kit with the pilow ball top. I would definitely recommend purchasing a kit to lower your GEN3 KIA Soul.