Custom Big Brake Kits bolt-on for Mercedes-Benz W463 G-Class (08~12)

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Custom Big Brake Kits bolt-on for Mercedes-Benz W463 G-Class (08~12)

Custom built with race proven design and technology. For everyday street use up to pro racing depending on the specifications chosen.

  • Direct bolt-on and customer satisfaction guaranteed
  • 2-year CEIKA Warranty
  • Increased braking power, initial bite, modulation and pedal feel
  • Fully custom-built to order for circuit, rally, or street
  • Shorter stopping distance, less heat, less wear and more endurance
  • Compatible with OEM ABS, traction control, master cylinder and retain original balance/bias
  • High quality materials, parts, and non-recycled alloys from Japan, Taiwan, and UK ONLY with ISO9001:2008 quality control 

Make sure you select a size similar or bigger than stock for the rotor diameter. If you want a kit smaller than stock for lightweight race or street application contact our expert team to check for clearances issues first. 

Feel free to contact us to have pdf template files emailed to you to print and check clearances in your wheels. 



  • 2x High performance radial mount calipers (Forged 6061-T6 alloy)
  • 2x 2-pcs floating rotors with alloy hats (full-floating rotors available)
  • 2x Teflon/stainless steel DOT/ADR compliant brake lines (made in UK)
  • 2x Direct bolt-on caliper mounting brackets and bolts
  • 4x Brake pads (Can also be purchased from other brands)
  • All necessary mounting hardware for direct bolt-on install



  • 2 years on calipers casting, caliper parts, and seals.
  • 2 years on mounting hardware and brackets.
  • 2 years on brake lines. DOT/ADR approved (made in UK)
  • 10,000km / 3 months on rotors.



  • Forged 6061-T6 aerospace grade alloy 2-piece calipers
  • Radial mount design for less flex
  • Pistons available in 6061-T6 alloy with anti-corrosion coating, or stainless steel
  • Dual seals with high temperature resistant oil ring and dust scrappers
  • Stainless steel bleed screw
  • Carbon steel caliper adapter for direct bolt-on installation guaranteed
  • Teflon and stainless steel brake lines DOT/ADR approved with banjo bolt. Brake lines hoses are direct fit and manufactured in UK.
  • CNC machined logo
  • Anti-corrosion coating + custom color finish: "anodized" or "anodized + gloss paint"



  • 2-piece floating rotors with 6061-T6 aerospace grade alloy hat.
  • Fully balanced from the factory
  • Rotor ring in FC30 cast iron with anti corrosion coating.
  • Drilled / slotted / drilled and slotted rotor ring available at no extra cost. (We advise drilled for street and slotted only for track and race applications)
  • Curved vanes ventilation for optimal cooling.
  • Full-floating rotors use floating hardware with anti-rattle system (removable and rebuildable). It provides a lower tendency to warp, less drag and wear as the rotor ring centers itself with the pads. Available for 330mm rotors and bigger only. The semi-floating rotor uses standard bolts instead and the rotor is fixed on the hat. 
  • Custom rotor hat anodized color



  • We have four compounds of brake pads to give you high performance braking, depending on your driving conditions. You can see the description of each compound below.
  • You can also use other brake pad brands (such as Alcon, AP Racing, Brembo, Ferodo, Hawk, Mintex, PAGID, Porsche, Wilwood and more) with our calipers. We can provide you the part numbers.



  • Depending on your application, we can provide the following parking brake systems. They are designed to be 100% compatible with the OEM design. 
  • Drum parking brake system with a steel drum ring in the rear aluminum rotor hats. 
  • Disc parking brake system using our innovative mechanism that bolts on our caliper mounting bracket and 100% compatible with your OEM cable. This will provide the easiest rear disc brake solution without the need for an extra parking brake caliper. If disc parking brakes are not available for your car, contact us and we will design it for you. 
  • Hydraulic handbrake for drift or race use only. This handbrake mounts in the cockpit and can be mounted vertically or horizontally. It will activate the rear calipers and provide instant locking of the rear wheels. We can provide different bores of master cylinders. 



  • Manufacturing takes around 10 working days depending on your specs and availability. Shipping is 3 to 4 working days worldwide via UPS or TNT.
  • We will confirm your order within 24h.
  • If designing a kit from scratch, please allow us 5 working days extra for the designing and extra testing. 




We advise the following guideline for fitment. These guidelines will work for most wheels as the outer diameter of the BBK will fit in the inner barrel. In some cases due to the design of the wheel spoke, you will need spacers to clear the spoke depending on the size of BBK kit chosen, and the wheel design. If you want to know if you will need spacers or not before purchasing, you can email us at with your car model, year, and wheel size, and we will email you the templates to print and check precisely.

Maximum rotor diameter/kit size per wheel diameter: 

15" wheel: 286mm/304mm 

16" wheel: 304mm

17" wheel: 330mm

18" wheel: 356mm

19" wheel: 380mm

20" wheel: 405mm

We guarantee the fitment of your big brake kits to be bolt-on on your car and we will send you replacement revised parts for free of charge, if anything does not fit. However, CEIKA will not be responsible for the fitment of the wheels. Clearance problem with the wheel spokes can arise when fitting larger brakes. The wheel fitment and compatibility is the responsibility of the customers, as every car and combination of wheel is different.


We advise you to check with the templates before ordering, if you are not ready to purchase spacers in order to solve any possible clearance issues. That way, we can also point you towards a kit that will fit without spacers.




You can purchase an extra set of brake pads with your kit, if you like, from the replacement parts section. We have the following compounds available:


- Street pads (Grey)

For street use, providing no noise, very little dust, good braking power and friction both at low and high temperatures.

These are specifically designed in order to provide good bite and feel as well as good longevity of the pads and rotors. 

Optimal temperature range: 0~500℃

Maximum temperature: ~550℃

Coefficient of friction: 0.38~0.45


- Sport pads (Blue)

For street/track use, providing low noise, little dust, high braking power and friction both at low and high temperatures.

These are specifically designed in order to provide stronger bite and race feel as well as good longevity of the pads and rotors. 

Optimal temperature range: 0~550℃

Maximum temperature: ~600℃

Coefficient of friction: 0.40~0.50


- Race pads (Red)


For race use only: for maximum braking power, bite and friction. Those brake pads are noisy, they will wear out the rotors faster than the street pads and produce more dust. The operating temperature range is higher and it is not safe for everyday street use. 

However, they are a must for a race car or track day providing a consistent and predictable strong braking and longevity at high temperatures. Feel free to request two sets of pads if you want a set for street and a set for race for your weekend warrior.  

Optimal temperature range: 100~700℃

Maximum temperature: ~750℃

Coefficient of friction: 0.42~0.58


- Pro Race pads (Yellow)


For race use only: this is a new race compound that pushes the limits even further. We were able to achieve a much higher temperature range while offering a very high coefficient of friction for extreme race use conditions. 

Optimal temperature range: 100~800℃

Maximum temperature: ~850℃

Coefficient of friction: 0.58~0.68



Customer Reviews

Based on 33 reviews
The Best Damn Brakes

Wow. Cannot explain how good this brake is. The quality of parts and customer service has been bar none some of the best service I've ever had. Everything came package professionally with no damaged parts or missing pieces, all the bolts and hardware were perfectly fitting as well as the mounting brackets, calipers, and rotors. Stopping power is uncanny and I can't say I love it enough. I would recommend these brakes to anyone looking to upgrade and still have a reliable, easy, and amazingly well put together brake kit. Thank you ceika for everything from your brilliant products, to your responsive team of customer service people, thank you thank you thank you for everything! Lifelong customer here!


My Big Brake Kit is delivered.
The RX-8 R3 is a great car and still looking for other brakes. This has to do with the appearance of the original brakes. No sporty appearance. I wanted larger rotors, sport calipers with external dust seals and handbrake system on the bracket. After the necessary research, CEIKA PERFORMANCE has this in their program. Intensive email contact and a very pleasant impression. Enthusiastic team and good news about quality and service. Order placed in full confidence and delivered by appointment within 3 weeks. Packed in firmly and the parts are perfectly finished. Unpacking was a party.
Thank you very much Gauthier Milharo.
When the big brake kit is mounted, I will tell my experience.
See this link:

The Netherlands.

CEIKA Review

I would like to thank the CEIKA Team on such a great product ,I purchased the 6 pod large front caliper kit 356 rotors and the 4 large rear caliper kit 356 rotors with the electronic rear calipers. The packaging was great and arrived when expected with no problems. I have VW CC 2010 ,The fronts fit perfect with no modifications at all, the rear's have the electronic emergency brake caliper and also fit excellent with know modification,you use your factory rear electric motor which bolts directly to the caliper just like the oem brake caliper. I have had Brembo brakes and Stoptec brakes on other german vehicle's and I can honestly say that the CEIKA Brakes are as good our better than the other brands on the market today ,the quality and service is excellent, I will definitely recommend everyone I know who is looking for a Big Brake kits .


マツダMPV(LY3P)の前後セットで購入させて頂きました。 リアの純正データが無いとの事でしたのでこちらより中古リアブレーキ周りをお送りしそれを元に新規で制作して頂きました。 当初の問い合わせから取り付けまで約2か月間、日本人スタッフのT様とメールで何回もやり取りさせて頂きましたが終始、親切で丁寧にご対応して頂きましたので不安なくお取引させて頂きました。 昨日取り付けたばかりですが通常の運転では純正と同じフィーリングですので違和感なく運転ができブレーキペダルを深く踏み込むと今までにない制動力を発揮します!! 元々車重の有る車でホイールを20インチにインチアップしてから純正ブレーキの効きの甘さを感じていましたがこれでいざと言う時にも安心してブレーキが踏める様になりました♪ 某国産ブレーキメーカーの約半分の価格でこの性能と製品クオリティーですからとてつも無くコストパフォーマンスは高いと思います!!


I bought a L6 pot 330x32mm with full-float disc for my civic for use on both street and track. The installation was very simple, and it was a straight bolt-on, as promissed. Actually this kit is easier to fit then OEM brakes. I have tested the brakes on both street and track now, and they performed very very well. Pedal feel is solid, and fade never occured. I'm that saticfied that I bought a kit for my rear end too.