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Shipping & Returns

  • If there is any problem with our parts after receiving it, please contact us as soon as possible and let us know about the problem. We will send you replacement parts free of charge under our CEIKA warranty. ​​

  • If you are not satisfied with our coilover kits, you have 15 days to return your kit for a refund.


  • Please note that you will be charged a $100 restocking fee as soon as you confirmed your order, since our products are custom built to order and shipping cost both ways have to be paid by the customer. 


  • When returning a product, you must contact us before shipping the product back. Return shipping charges must be paid by the buyer as well as any installation costs. 


  • Depending on the buyer's location, import duty or tax might have to be paid upon receiving the order.


  • Our big brake kits and coilovers are custom built to order with many variants so we will only accept a return if the kit is faulty or not performing as it should and it cannot be fixed or repaired by sending replacement/revised parts. We guarantee the fitment of your big brake kits / coilovers to be bolt-on on your car and we will send you replacement revised parts if anything does not fit, free of charge. 


  • We perform very strict quality control throughout our manufacturing process and we are constantly improving design, and specs. As a result we have never had any customer receiving a faulty big brake kit that needed to be returned. It is important for us to keep that return rate low so we can keep providing you the best prices and custom specs. Therefor please make sure you have your mind set on the specs that you want and you are sure about the fitment in your wheels. The order cannot be cancelled after it is confirmed and we start making it and if you change your mind on the specs please contact us as quick as possible as it might need reprocessing for example if you want to change the color. We will have to charge extra fee if the order is changed too late in the making process to remove and redo the finish. 


  • CEIKA cannot be responsible for the fitment of the wheels. Clearance problem with the wheel spokes can arise when fitting larger brakes, the wheel fitment and compatibility is the responsibility of the customer as every car and combination of wheel is different. 


  • We advise you to check with the templates before buying if you are not ready to purchase spacers in order to solve any possible clearance issue. That way we can also point you toward a kit that will fit without spacers if that is your main priority.