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CEIKA Air Ride Coilover Kit for VOLKSWAGEN TOURAN 1T1, 1T2 2WD φ55 (03~15)


CEIKA Air Ride Suspension kit with Fully Adjustable Coilovers

Our street & race proven coilover technology paired to an air suspension system giving you the best compromise in handling and comfort between OEM & Coilovers.

Fully adjustable comfort, handling and height by air pressure and shock length adjustment with our fully threaded coilover bodies.  

36 "Clicks" Damper Stiffness Adjustment to suit your preferred air pressure and ride height.

Choose from a bare CEIKA Coilovers kit with bags and build your own system or select one of our Complete Air Ride System below:


This is the simplest kit.
It does not come with fancy remote but the manual switch panel with allow to adjust front and rear pressure with two pneumatic switches. Air hoses will need to be routed to the switch panel.


Remote Adjustability kept simple.
 This kit comes with a simple key ring remote, an electronic switch panel with pressure gauge and a small controller unit that allow to control a x4 Solenoids Valve manifold. It does not store pressure/height presets.


Display Remote with height presets and a more sophisticated Controller Unit packed with more Air Ride Control technology. This 4-way adjustable kit allows to adjust each corner up or down independently. It uses x8 Solenoids in a bigger valve manifold which provides a more precise control as well as a quicker inflation/deflation speed.

You can use the 4-Way system with the Display Remote and Key Ring Remote to adjust the height manually or using saved presets.

You can also upgrade to a Height Levelling Sensor Kitwhich allows to save presets based on actual corner height instead of corner pressure.

Why choose CEIKA?
Since 2010, every CEIKA order is unique and fine tuned to match each use. Our customer service is dedicated to provide all the help and guidance you may need to complete your installation and fine tuning.  

All our shocks are custom valved and dyno tested so that you will be guaranteed to get the closest ride quality and handling desired.

Compared to our 2M kits the 1M allow for ease of adjustability with a single 30-clicks adjustment knob providing matching adjustment of both compression and rebound together.

Please make sure that your car model matches the product title above before ordering. Regardless, we will confirm the details with you within 24h during week-days before confirming/shipping your order to avoid any mistakes. You will receive a complete bolt-on suspension system with the exact same bolting design/pattern as OEM. Custom built, developed and already fitted and approved for your car model.

The pictures above are generic and you will receive a complete bolt-on suspension system with the exact same bolting design/pattern as OEM. Custom built, developed and already tested on your car models and variant. This is why it is also important that the right car model is selected. 

Our CEIKA Coilovers have been used since 2010 in all kind street and track cars: World Time Attack, King of Europe, GT3 racing and more. 


  • 2 Year Warranty and perfect fitment guaranteed

  • Increased steering feel, response and predictability with our high performance valves and high quality dual rate air bags.
  • Improved traction and braking performance by reducing weight transfers and body-roll.
  • High Quality Progressive Dual Bellow Air Bags or Air Sleevesdepending on your car model.
  • Base adjustable height 10 to 15cm range (depending on applications). Full threaded shocks allowing independent height adjustment from spring preload/shock travel. 
  • High quality CNC machined from non-recycled alloys with ISO9001:2008 quality control.
  • Excellent longevity and fully rebuildable. Our custom shocks, valves, components, seals and high performance oil allow us to have a close to zero amount of rebuild or failure/shock leakage. Even after over 10 years of street or  racing use. 



    • 2 years warranty against manufacturing defect on Coilovers, Airbags, Compressor, Controller Units and Parts.
    • Direct bolt-on install guaranteed. 
    • We will send you revised or replacement parts free of charge if anything does not fit or perform as it should.



      • We will confirm your order details and specs within 24 hours.
      • We have most parts and mounts in stock and depending on your spring rates and valving we can make your custom kit within 10 to 14 working days with standard spring rates and valving. 
      • Free Shipping Worldwide from our factory in Taiwan. Shipping takes 2 to 4 working days Worldwide via DHL/UPS. Remote areas, allow for 2 extra days.

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 634 reviews
      John Thayer (Blaine, US)
      Major improvement

      I mainly ordered CEIKA coils because they seemed highly reviewed and offered help and support for models that typically don’t receive that after market support. Admittedly for other reasons I’ve only been driving on these coils for 2 days so far but I love them! They do seem tuned to the spec I requested (comfortable on our less than stellar roads) yet adds a lot more feel in corners and reduces body roll. Customer support was helpful and prompt with answering my questions.

      Gloyalty (The Bronx, US)
      great quality

      Rides just like smooth just like stock suspension no bouncing around

      Howard Jin (Sparks, US)
      Slightly flawed product. Arrived late

      The product arrived late. It wouldn't have been an issue if Ceika had told me it would be late but a few days before the coilovers were due to arrive, I had started disassembling my car in preparation for the coilovers. It is especially a problem as it is my only car which I depend on to get to work. I had planned on a few days of downtime and gotten a rental car, but the near two week delay incurred significantly higher cost. The representative who responded to my email was quite unapologetic which I found very offputting.

      As for the product itself, I am generally happy but would have been happier if I didn't have to modify it to fit. The rear left strut's threads were contacting other vehicle components by the time it was fully installed, and I'm sure if left alone it would have rubbed a hole in it. As it was a component by the fuel tank and roof hydraulics, I decided it can't be left alone. Moreover, with that contact there was no room to fit a tool. I ended up having to cut down the threads a few mm to get it to fit. There was no way to get the adjustment knob to fit in the tight space, so I now have to use pliers to turn the hex shaft. Happy to share images for better future development. Not necessarily an issue with Ceika, but the lack of clearance also meant I had to use an open ended wrench a quarter turn at a time to install the coilovers. Would have been much happier with a bolt on solution. I've played with the preload, coilover overall length, and damping settings a little bit now and am generally happy with the way they're performing.

      Davide Gelmetti (Turin, IT)
      CLK w208 230 coilovers review

      Predictable and sharp when stiff, comfortable when soft, adjustability offers a wide range of rideheights possibilities, installation was easy and customer support was good. The part quality and material is remarkable, very good value for price.

      Blake Garrett (Clarksville, US)
      Great product and communication

      Only complaint is lack of paperwork that comes with them for installation and adjustment