Copy of CEIKA Custom Big Brake Kit for Skoda Octavia MK4 (20~up)


Custom built with race proven design and technology. For everyday street use up to pro racing depending on the specifications chosen.

Why choose CEIKA? Order your big brake kit directly from us, save and take advantage of our high performance extra features!

Since 2008 every CEIKA order is unique and all the team is here to make sure
that you will be getting the perfect brake package for your project.
At every steps of the build, from the sizing and option advices, template print-outs, and up to the installation/maintenance advices, our experts will be here to help.

  • Direct bolt-on and customer satisfaction guaranteed
  • 2-year CEIKA Warranty
  • Increased braking power, initial bite, modulation and pedal feel
  • Fully custom-built to order for circuit, rally, or street
  • Shorter stopping distance, less heat, less wear and more endurance
  • Compatible with OEM ABS, traction control, master cylinder and retain original balance/bias
  • High quality materials, parts, and non-recycled alloys from Japan, Taiwan, and UK with ISO9001:2008 quality control

Make sure you select a size similar or bigger than stock for the rotor diameter. If you want a kit smaller than stock for lightweight race or street application contact our expert team to check for clearances issues first.

Feel free to contact us to have pdf template files emailed to you to print and check clearances in your wheels.

We guarantee the fitment of your big brake kits to be bolt-on on your car and we will send you replacement revised partsfor free of charge,if anything does not fit. However, CEIKA will not be responsible for the fitment of the wheels. Clearance problem with the wheel spokes can arise when fitting larger brakes. The wheel fitment and compatibility is the responsibility of the customers, as every car and combination of wheel is different.

We advise you to check with the templates before ordering, if you are not ready to purchase spacers in order to solve any possible clearance issues. That way, we can also point you towards a kit that will fit without spacers.

Customer Reviews

Based on 329 reviews
Jose Perez (Guadalajara, MX)
MINI R56 S Rear Brakes

Grate Brake system for the rear axel. Very wheel constructed and perfect Fit. Stoping power, grate. Recommended 100%

Jose Torres (Trumbull, US)

CEIKA Custom Big Brake Kit for Volvo 850 T5R LS (91~97)

Daniel Wolfe (Hilton Head Island, US)
Celica ST205

Haven’t installed yet but the product quality and packaging looks top notch!

Jason Woodman (Mt. Pleasant, US)
2011 BMW F10 BBK

After researching alternatives to just simply adding an M Sport brake kit to my 353i, from a wrecked M Sport car, I decided to purchase the Front and Rear Ceika kit for my car. The attraction was being able to have custom colors and 6 piston calipers, front and rear. Being an IMSA GT4 mechanic, I know the value of braking over horsepower, so I bit the bullet and purchased the kit. After a problem with my car's modification that Ceika didn't know about and a small 3mm issue having to do with my electronic parking brake that was resolved EXTREMELY quickly by Ceika, the brakes are installed and their performance is mind-blowing. With street pads, one of our GT4 drivers was astounded at the braking performance after driving my car. He has a 435i with M Sport brakes and he insists the Ceika brakes are superior. Great build quality, relatively easy installation, if you understand braking systems and an absolute driver of compliments by car people in the public streets. Well done, Ceika. I look forward to contacting you again for my next build.

Filipe Pereira (Nottingham, GB)
6 Big pot front brake system

Great quality braking system. Best investment and it’s much better than Brembo. FP