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CEIKA Type 2M Coilovers for Subaru LEGACY BK (94~99)

Race proven design and technology. Custom built and valved to suit your needs from everyday use and up to pro-racing.

Why choose CEIKA? You are not just buying coilovers, you are also getting a suspension designed just for you. Since 2008 every CEIKA order is unique with fine tuned spring rates and custom shock valving to match. 

All our shocks are custom valved and dyno tested, and the CEIKA team is fully committed to give each and every order all the attention and expertise that it deserves so that you will be guaranteed to get the closest ride quality and handling desired with this upgrade.

Compared to our 1M kits the 2M allows for further adjustability, fine tuning and cooler temperature thanks to its external reservoirs and separated compression and rebound adjustment with 15 clicks x 2. 

Please make sure that your car model matches the product title above before ordering. Regardless, we will confirm the details with you within 24h during week-days before confirming/shipping your order to avoid any mistakes. You will receive a complete bolt-on suspension system with the exact same bolting design/pattern as OEMCustom built, developed and already fitted and approved for your car model.

Our Type 2M 2-way Coilovers are used in all kind race cars and competitions: World Time Attack, King of Europe, GT3 racing and more. 

  • Increased steering feel, response and predictability with our high performance valves and linear custom spring rates (progressive springs also available).
  • Improved traction and braking performance by reducing weight transfers and body-roll.
  • Custom built for the perfect ride feel, with the right amount of stiffness.
  • Direct bolt-on guaranteed for your car model
  • Fully adjustable height (around 10 to 12cm range depending on applications). Full threaded shocks allowing separated height adjustment and spring preload/shock travel. 
  • Custom height (extra lowering or lift) and customised shock travel available. 
  • High quality materials, parts, and non-recycled alloys from Japan, Taiwan, and UK with ISO9001:2008 quality control.
  • Excellent longevity and fully rebuildable. Our custom shocks, valves, components, seals and high performance oil allow us to have a close to zero amount of rebuild or failure/shock leakage. Even after over 7 years of street or racing use. 


What is included in our Coilover Kits: 

  • 4x High performance custom valved coilover shocks with external nitrogen reservoirs (Monotube Oil and Gaz shocks)
  • 4x Top plates (or OEM style mounting for cars with no top plates)
  • 4x Steel or Alloy bottom mounts, fully bolt-on with ABS/Brake hose brackets. 
  • 4x Springs with custom rate (Cars with separated shocks and springs comes with rear height adjustable spring perches)
  • 8x Damping knobs for shock adjustment (15x2 adjustable clicks adjusting compression and rebound separately)
  • 2x C-Spanners 



  • 1 years warranty against manufacturing defect.
  • Direct bolt-on install guaranteed. 
  • We will send you revised or replacement parts free of charge if anything does not fit or perform as it should.


Optional Features:

  • Pillowball mounts, camber plates or camber + caster plates available depending on suspension design and car models. 
  • Inverted Dampers available for Mcpherson suspensions.
  • Helper springs available for front or front + rear depending on suspension design.
  • Special "Pro" shock valves are available for pro race, drift, rally and tarmac use to offer top level performance and durability as well as suit the shock travel and spring rates. Different oil types are used also with our special custom valving as well as progressive and digressive valving.
  • Remote damping adjuster (cable) 


Manufacturing and Shipping:

  • We will confirm your order details and specs within 24 hours.
  • We have most parts and mounts in stock and depending on your spring rates and valving we can make your custom kit within 3 to 7 working days with standard spring rates and valving. And 10 to 15 working days with custom valving and spring rates. Some special optional features will require extra delays. 
  • Free Shipping Worldwide from our factory in Taiwan. Shipping takes 2 to 4 working days worldwide. Remote areas, allow for 2 extra days. We use DHL/UPS for shipping.

Customer Reviews

Based on 445 reviews
Euvigene Zaragoza (Imperial Beach, US)
2012 550i gt - - I would buy again if needed.

Finally got around to installing this setup. My main issue with my car was that it felt like a boat driving her around. Installed these from the box with no adjustments. Night and day difference. I have not gotten her aligned yet but it's a good feel so far. I'm going to give the suspension time to properly seat, but from first experience it feels solid. The boat feel is 90% gone. Very happy with this product!

Samuel DeWhitt (St Louis, US)

CEIKA Type 1M Coilovers for Volvo XC90 mk2 (14~up)

Jordan Petrie (Orangeville, CA)
Great on 1979 Celica

Have had them on my 79 Celica Gt for about a year now. They were easy to install and fitment was perfect. I find "sport low" is the perfect Hight in the front but a bit tall in the back. All up to what your prefer though. Been on the track 4 times now and they perform wonderful.

Trevor Neumann (Riverside, US)
1993 subaru legacy

Haven't been able to drive on them cause my engine blew up lol but they make the car look sick 👍

רפי קדוש (Kadima, IL)
Thank you very much, it is excellent, I highly recommend it, an excellent seller, only if you can...

Thank you very much, it is excellent, I highly recommend it, an excellent seller, only if you can get more zebras, how do you fit them, thank you very much