Technology & Quality


All the components used are high quality in order to ensure reliability, longevity and performance for street and racing use:

- Highly stressed parts are machined in high quality STKM13A steel (top plates, bearing case, bottom mounts, brake adapters, seat brackets etc.)

- Alloy parts such as locking rings and bearing cases are machined in A6061-T6 aluminium. 

- Springs are manufactured by OEM Honda/Nissan/Toyota spring maker. Spring rates are carefully chosen according to OEM front/rear balance and increased stiffness % according to your needs.  

- Shocks are valved to order and according to the spring rates chosen, we will use different viscosity of our high quality Italian IP F.A oil depending on the ride quality and handling needed for each order. All our shocks are also tested individually.

- We use KOYO bearings and NOK seals from Japan. 

- High quality components, tight tolerances, and precise assembly will ensure that the shocks and calipers will not fail or leak under high stress. 


About Us

Our coilovers have been put to the test by a lot of customers worldwide on a daily basis, and they are loving the quality, reliability and durability of our coilovers as well as our excellent customer service and support. 

We have had many professional rally drivers or racing teams comparing our coilovers and the ride quality along with famous racing suspension brands. 

We have also had a WRC/top-end suspension builder in Australia inspected and dynoed our coilovers, and they reported that for the price it was excellent value and better quality compared to much more expensive brands. (They build $8000~ pro rally and racing suspensions). 

Whether looking for comfort or high performance racing suspensions, contact us and tell us what you need and we will advise you the best suited setup for your use and budget. 

At CEIKA, our passion for performance parts and motorsports does not stop at providing quality parts to our customers. We are also car enthusiasts/horsepower addicts and building performance cars from chassis to engine building/tuning is also our main hobby.