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Why choose CEIKA? You are not just buying coilovers or big brake kits, you are also getting a kit designed just for you. Since 2008 every CEIKA order is unique!

The CEIKA team is fully committed to give each and every order all the attention and expertise that it deserves so that you will be guaranteed to get the closest ride quality and handling desired with this upgrade.

Our coilovers and brakes have been put to the test by many customers worldwide on a daily basis for race and street use. Now we can say that they are built to last over a decade. Very few of these coilovers kits have been rebuilt unless they had lots of abuse or intensive racing use. Our customers are loving the quality, reliability and durability of our coilovers and brakes as well as our excellent customer service and support. 

CEIKA is a family business. We have been working together from the start and we are proud of where we are today! Our customer service team and workshop is based in France and Japan while our production is in Taiwan.

Our French director and founder Cedric Milharo is a passionate autodidact mechanic and fabricator. He collects and restores 70's to 90's cars, doing everything from roll-cage fabrication, exhaust and manifolds as well as wiring and tuning his engines. Attention to details and out of the box thinking pushed him to learn how to work on his cars himself. His last build for his drift missile car was a fully caged 1000kg BMW E34 with a twincharged rotary 13b-rew bridgeport engine, GT45 turbo blowing in a M90 Eaton supercharger with no intercooler (pre turbo water injection and pre s/c e85 staged injection.) Pushing over 700hp at 9500rpms and 480ft-lbs of flat torque from idle to redline! 

He created CEIKA in order to provide parts for small productions car models or old sport cars that are slowly being left behind by most aftermarket parts companies. The other important goal was to fight the belief that coilovers are not comfortable, or not suitable for this or that... When in fact they can be made to suit anything and give you amazing adjustability and handling.

With our production process and technical/historical background and by making sure that we understand every single customer needs and how they expect the coilovers to ride, we can easily advise customers on which options, valving and setup.

We have many professional rally drivers or racing teams comparing our coilovers up to GT3 racing. Few winners in circuit racing. Our coilovers have also been used for a while by TAFE school in Australia for their projects. We also have a big presence in Professional drifting in France with a lot of the top drivers using our products as well as amateurs. These guys do a very good job at pushing our products to the limits too! 

Whether looking for comfort or high performance racing suspensions, contact us and tell us what you need and we will advise you the best suited setup for your use and budget. 



All the components used are high quality in order to ensure reliability, longevity and performance for street and racing use:

- Highly stressed parts are machined in high quality STKM13A steel (top plates, bearing case, bottom mounts, brake adapters, seat brackets etc.)

- Alloy parts such as locking rings and bearing cases are machined in A6061-T6 aluminium. 

- Springs are manufactured by OEM Honda/Nissan/Toyota spring maker. Spring rates are carefully chosen according to OEM front/rear balance and increased stiffness % according to your needs.  

- Shocks are valved to order and according to the spring rates chosen, we will use different viscosity of our high quality Italian IP F.A oil depending on the ride quality and handling needed for each order. All our shocks are also tested individually.

- We use KOYO bearings and NOK seals from Japan. 

- High quality components, tight tolerances, and precise assembly will ensure that the shocks and calipers will not fail or leak under high stress.