Alfa Romeo 147 (937) GTA (01~10) CEIKA 2-Piece 330x32mm Front Disc/Rotor OEM Replacement


✔ Perfect for street or track applications. 

✔ Lighter unsprung weight & Rotation mass

✔ Biggest improvement to endurance and heat dissipation

 High quality materials, parts, and non-recycled alloys from Japan, Taiwan, and UK only with ISO9001:2008 quality control.

Direct installation guaranteed

 3 months warranty 


What is including in our 2-piece rotor set:

  • 2x 2-piece rotor rings to match your OEM calipers and pads.
  • 2x custom color alloy hats with OEM fitment (standard fixed 2-pcs or full-floating available)
  • Rotor ring mounting hardware (fixed bolts or floating H-Type fasteners)

Rotor Specs:

  • 2 piece floating rotors with 6061-T6 aerospace grade aluminum hat.
  • Rotor ring uses FC30 cast iron with anti corrosion coating.
  • Drilled / slotted / drilled and slotted rotor ring available at no extra cost. (We advise drilled for street and slotted only for track and race applications)
  • Curved vanes ventilation for optimal cooling.
  • Full-floating rotors use floating rivets which provide lower tendency to wrap, less drag and wear as the rotor ring centers itself with the pads. Available for 330mm rotors and bigger only. Semi-floating rotors use standard bolts to attach the rotor ring to the hat instead of floating rivets.
  • Custom rotor hat anodized color


Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Raymond Van Den berg (Ridderkerk, NL)

Alfa Romeo 159 (939) (05~11) CEIKA 2-Piece 330x28mm Front Disc/Rotor OEM Replacement

Carlos Velasquez (Orlando, US)

The fronts are 7lbs lighter and the rears are 2 lbs lighter per corner. I have yet to drive the car since I’m currently still in the middle of the build. Will check back once I drive the car

David Hutchison (Austin, US)
Truly satisfied

I ordered a pair of front rotors for my Giulia and will definitely be ordering the rears from CEIKA when needed. From the customer service to the build quality to the looks to the improved feel and performance I’m completely sold on these and would recommend them as a cost-effective upgrade to the OEM rotors in every way.

Misa Milosavljevic (Cergy, FR)
Excellent 2 piece discs

I was seeking quality 2 piece rotors for Mitsubishi EVO 9 FQ340 aiming at keeping OEM calipers. CEIKA discs have relevant design and once received the parts are very well manufactured.
Shipping was faster than expected.
I recommend

Benjamin Lott (Salt Lake City, US)
Great upgrade, perfect OEM++ fitment

After looking around for several weeks for a good 2-piece OEM+ setup for my MK6 Golf R and finding options for only low end, non-serviceable 2-piece rotors or overkill "street cred" BBK kits (usually for fronts only) I stumbled on these fully serviceable 2-piece discs from Ceika. I liked that they also do full custom kits for front AND rear unlike most BBK vendors who tell you all you need is fronts, ignoring proper bias and balance. Eventually will be looking at those but right now budget had to be trimmed due to other upgrades and repairs and these fit the bill perfectly.

I have 2 track weekends on these so far and have performed amazingly. The fronts give massive weight savings at 6lb less each, the rears less at only 2.5lbs each. I decided to try EBC yellow pads as an experiment and on any straights these rotors cool down so well they actually bring the Yellows out of the track grip and back to the street grip. This is unfortunate but an issue with the pads not the rotors. I plan to switch to full G-Loc pads and can't wait to take full advantage of the rotors.

Very happy with the product and the customer service was great too, there was a delay in shipping due to supply chain issues and they were easy to reach, very communicative and helpful.